Design Documentation Translation

The main thing in written translation is the correct presentation of the meaning
Yes, this is important when interpreting any text, but only a distortion of the meaning of technical documentation, for example, when the semantic center is shifted in one of the sentences, the literal translation of several words, or the wrong choice of the meaning of a keyword as a result of a lack of special knowledge, can lead to materially tangible losses
Whether we are translating a contract, a medical history, or a manual for the operation of the latest equipment, a semantic mistake is costly

For your convenience, all the standards included in the State Standardization System (SSS) are collected in a special section under the same name
This set of state fundamental standards sets out the methodological issues of standardization, its organization and functioning
This section combines these standards, you only need to make one click and go to the desired document
With the help of the selection, you can quickly determine the procedure for developing, formalizing, agreeing, adopting, issuing, implementing standards, as well as ensuring control over their implementation and compliance

You will have a unique opportunity to get advice from leading experts in the construction industry on a controversial issue
Don't know what decision to make? The system will always give the right answer! Profile books and periodicals are always at hand
On October 6, 2022, the State Duma will complete consideration of the draft law, which specifies the anti-crisis measures for 2022, which are aimed at maintaining the economic stability of the country
There is also a related project with fines that will be imposed for non-compliance with the laws mentioned